Gas Fitting

At Gas Heater Services Sydney we are qualified gas fitters to service and repair all brands and types of gas appliancesgas heaters and hot water systems.

Our gas fitters are specialist technicians and are able to do your gas repair or gas appliance installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to provide emergency gas repairs and installations.

If the gas service you are looking for is not listed here give our team a call we are sure to be able to help.

Unlicensed gas work is illegal and may well be unsafe.   Gas fitters will ensure that all appliances and connections are safe to use and do not pose a danger to you. They can also safely and effectively maintain or repair gas appliances. Here’s what you need to know about selecting a gas fitter.

A gas fitter can be defined as a person that installs and services natural gas fixtures and appliances in residential, commercial or industrial areas. As well as installing the fixtures and appliances, they also install related things such as gas meters, regulators, valves, and burners. They also maintain and repair gas equipment or appliances.

You often see vans that say that they are plumbing and gas fitting companies but you should be aware that gas fitting is a separate occupation with different training and qualification requirements to plumbing.

Gas-fitting services include but not limited to:

  • Gas appliance installation, conversions, repairs and maintenance
  • Gas bottle installation including regulators, changeover valves, pigtails and gas lines
  • Installation and repairs of gas flue pipes.
  • Installation of gas meters, valves and associated pipe work.
  • Adjusting of gas pressure
  • Installation of gas detection systems
  • Leak testing and repairs


Make sure all your gas appliances, gas fittings and gas plumbing is serviced regularly.

Every gas appliance needs a service every 2 years, appliances over 10 yrs require a service yearly

When it comes to you Gas Heater, Gas Appliances, LPG, Gas Plumbing and Hot Water Systems, Gas Heater Service Sydney, caters for both residential and commercial .
Gas is dangerous to handle Gas can lead to hazards such as fires, explosions and also cause health hazard.
We advise to only let professionals like ourselves who can certify their work deal with such work carried out for both your safety and energy efficiency.


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